Thermo Scientific In Vitro Diagnostic Products for Immunochemistry

Cell Culture Tubes

Immuno Tubes and Stoppers

Reproduce results time after time with Thermo Scientific™ Immuno Tubes and Stoppers, ideal for ELISA, solid phase RIA and liquid phase RIA assays. These products are backed by industry-leading quality standards and certifications.

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Matrixª 500_L ScrewTop Tubes

Securely store samples at low temperatures, including vapor phase Liquid Nitrogen with Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ 500µL ScrewTop tubes. These tubes are molded from medical grade resins and feature a permanent, high contrast 2D barcode. Used in combination with Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ 2D barcode readers, manual and automated capping equipment, and labeling options, the 2D ScrewTop Tubes meet a range of manual and automated long term storage needs.

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Matrixª ScrewTop Tube Caps, Cap Trays and Cap Inserts

Simplify sample storage with these color-coded caps and inserts. Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ ScrewTop Tube caps and inserts are available racked in trays or in bulk to suit a variety of applications.

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Matrixª Blank and Alphanumeric Storage Tubes

Store valuable samples where 2D tracking is not required with high-density Thermo Scientific™ Matrix Blank and Alphanumeric Storage Tubes, offered in manual and automation-friendly racks. Visual identification of samples can be made using the alphanumeric code on the bottom of each tube, and the tubes are compatible with the full line of seals and capping equipment. Ideal for scaling up from microplate or deep well block sample storage.

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